Join us for Inspired Production Relaxed Recording Creative Mixing Analog Flavors Fulfilling Your Unique Vision

Inspired Production Relaxed Recording Creative Mixing Analog Flavors Fulfilling Your Unique Vision

Capturing your sweet, sweet music in our South Austin recording studio

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I’m David Dalton, and I work with musicians to make big new sounds in my South Austin recording studio, with an emphasis on co-creating genuinely interesting vibes that are unique to each project. I am especially fond of incorporating influences from around the world, and often push for trying new techniques and instrumentation. I believe exploration is so very important if we want to create new and worthwhile music. I love making music and hope you consider working with me on your next record, single, or film. Let’s make some magic!

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More Clients
Alex Maas - Psych rock Recording artist at Driftwork Sound Austin

Alex Maas (The Black Angels, MIEN)

Recording, mixing and producing Cari Q at Driftwork Sound Studio Austin

Cari Q

Jake Ames recording new Knife Channel album at Driftwork Sound Austin

Jake Ames (The Stacks, Knife Channel, Half Dream, Tyler Jordan and The Negative Space)


Record Production

As a producer, I’m here to do whatever it takes to bring your creative vision to life in the most beautiful and honest way possible. This can mean working to remove barriers to your creative process, bouncing ideas back and forth, or shutting up when you’re on a roll. I can give you valuable and unique input on composition and arrangement, while always respecting your creative ownership of your music. I also have many of the best musicians in Austin on my roster that we can call on to spice up your record, from award-winning drummers, to masterful string and horn players, guitarists, bassists, keyboard wizards, percussionists…you name it! My goal is to help you make your best record yet- one that is beautifully and unapologetically you – and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen.


Join me in my vibey South Austin studio, decked out with high end analogue and digital gear just waiting to capture your sweet, sweet music. I have an assortment of vintage and modern instruments for you to use if you wish, including a 1970 Ludwig kit, and vintage guitars, synths, electric pianos, organs, and amps from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. I have access to top tier drum rooms across the city, but most find that they love the sound they get on my vintage Ludwig here at Driftwork Sound HQ. Whether you want to record a full band live, build up a mix piece by piece, or just lay down some vocals or instrumentation on a pre-existing track, I’ve got the gear and the ear to capture the magic you bring, and some gear nerd toys if you want to have some fun and spice things up.


I am often the producer, recording engineer, and mixer for bands, but I also offer each service individually. If you have a song, EP, or album you need mixed, you can send them to me and I’ll massage and polish them until they shine. I’m happy to edit your tracks as part of the process, if appropriate. My philosophy on mixing involves combining well-established, time-tested methods with creative, unconventional techniques to bring out the magic in your art. When I’m done, you’ll have mixes that fully stand up to both the classics and the hits on the radio today, all while avoiding the plague of homogenization- instead of sounding like everyone else, your tracks will sound like you at your best.

Podcast Mixing / Mastering / Recording

Music for TV and Film


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